Why Typed?

I've been searching for a way to present my photos online without it becoming an all consuming process. I have explored iWeb, Sandvox, Wordpress, RapidWeaver, plugins for Lightroom, and more. So far, none has met the simple requirement of getting out of my way and letting me present my photos in a fashion that meets my needs.

When I am working on photos, I have no interest in dealing with HTML, CSS, SQL,….. That may sound odd coming from someone who has lived and breathed software development for so many years, but it's a totally different mindset between the two, and I am not particularly interested in combining them.

Could I work through all of it? Sure. But when I've just edited some photos from a recent shoot, the last thing I want to be doing is following arcane recipes to post them and debugging stuff when it doesn't work.

So, when typed was started as an IndieGoGo project, it peaked my interest, and became the first project I have ever backed. The philosophy of what they presented sounded like they had the right goals in mind.

Here's my first attempt at a blog. Bear with the design as this early version of typed has very little customization yet.

For those that don't know what typed.com is, I suggest going here: typed

Doug Werner

Doug Werner