10 Waterfalls, One Hike

I had the fortune to be up in Oregon in early March this year with time planned for hiking and photography. We discovered Silver Falls State Park which has a 10 waterfall hike that was both a good hike and a good venue for photography. One of the waterfalls was barely a trickle, but we found a cascade elsewhere that made up for it.

I had many different exposures of this shot, some slower, and some faster. This was my favorite of the lot.

This was the third waterfall we came to and it finally began to sink in that we were going to be well rewarded.

Three of the waterfalls had trails behind them, allowing for a different perspective from the usual waterfall shots.

A more classic shot.

The last waterfall of the day didn't disappoint when viewed at ground level and close up.

And finally, a hike through such a wet area requires a mushroom shot.

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Doug Werner

Doug Werner